SAIL 2013: Call for Pre-proposals

This call invites ACM faculty to suggest a topic, site, and leadership for the 2013 SAIL seminar, which will take place at an international location. (No U.S. sites will be considered.)

Deadline: April 12, 2012

In a pre-proposal, faculty are invited to suggest:

  • a broad topic that would invite cross-disciplinary inquiry and inform the development of advanced-level, liberal arts coursework
  • an international site that would promote a unique understanding of the topic and offer local expertise and resources to enrich the seminar, and
  • a cross-disciplinary leadership team of three who would design and lead a seminar on this topic at this site.

For a detailed example of a full seminar design, read about the 2012 seminar, Considering Animals in Washington, DC.

Instructions for 2013 Pre-Proposal

  1. Prior to submitting a pre-proposal, talk with the faculty development liaison on your campus, ACM Project Manager Cara Pickett, and/or ACM Vice President John Ottenhoff to test your idea, see if the topic and site seem appropriate, and receive helpful advice for developing a competitive pre-proposal.
  2. Determine the members of your three-person leadership team. A team should include one person each from the natural sciences and math; arts and humanities; and social sciences. Your campus' faculty development liaison can help you identify potential faculty if you have difficulty forming a leadership team.
  3. Complete the online pre-proposal form. You must submit your pre-proposal through the online form by the April 12 deadline. No other typs of submission will be accepted. Please note, the pre-proposals must be completed and submitted in one sitting; you cannot save your work. You may want to compose your answers first in Word (paying attention to word limits), then paste them into the online form.
  4. Awards will be made based on the quality and potential of the topic and site and some demonstration of the feasibility of such a seminar. Do not address budget or logistics, since they will not be a factor for pre-proposal selection.
  5. The Selection Committee will review pre-proposals by early May and invite 3-5 full proposals. Those invited to submit a full proposal will be asked to elaborate on their ideas according to the detailed parameters outline in the SAIL overview.

For more information or questions about the pre-proposal, contact Project Manager Cara Pickett ( or Vice President John Ottenhoff (