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Eric Wiertelak

DeWitt Wallace Professor of Psychology and Director, Neuroscience Studies
Macalester College

I teach courses that are related to neuroscience and the biological aspects of the psychology curriculum. Introductory neuroscience, behavioral neuroscience and behavioral endocrinology are call course I offer, as well as occasional courses on sensation and perception, learning theory, and pain processes. All of these courses and the literature on which they are based are high reliant on information obtained through the observation of human and non-human animals. In addition, I am a long-time chair of an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, and can contribute information related to such activities with animals as well.

My interest in the seminar arose out of my strong emphasis on animal behavior in my teaching and research. This work, while expansive in some senses, is limited in other domain spaces, ones that this seminar will no doubt expose me to. I see the opportunity for a broadened perspective from that of the relationship of the scientific enterprise to the use of animals as subjects extending to a greater consideration of human-non-human animal interrelationships as having the greatest potential for influencing my scholarship and teaching.