Funding and Resources

Funding is obviously a critical issue for centers and there are multiple, interconnected parts to creating functioning budget models and resources to enact center activities. Each is important and needs to be understood in terms of how all of them play together as a system.

Develop a Balanced Portfolio

A diverse portfolio will simultaneously enhance capacities of centers and allow centers to sustain shifts in funding structures.

Aim for Stable, Secure Funding

Centers often provided need institutional structures that allow for systemic, programmatic work and as well as for emergent forms of activity. Stability and security in the operating funding and resources for enacting center and campus mission are essential.

Align Budget to Needs and Purposes

Identifying the role that funding will play can assist in a stable and healthy funding structure for center activities.

Customize for your Context

As with other aspects of establishing centers, contextualizing all these funding approaches to life cycle of the center, the center type, and institutional type are key.

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