Evaluation and Assessment

It is critical to develop and execute a plan to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of a center's programming and activities. Short and long term evaluation will help you to adjust your programming to best suit the needs of your stakeholders. Centers have successfully used assessment evidence to inform future directions, to further strengthen buy-in from administration and faculty, and as a tool to encourage collaboration.

Assessment and evaluation provide compelling evidence of the value of center programming and services. Partnerships and funding often help to catalyze a center's ability to carry-out effective evaluation. Success often leads to increased partnerships and further funding, which contributes to the sustainability of center programs, resources, and services.

Plan for Assessment

Why are you doing evaluation and for whom?

Develop an Evaluation Plan

How will your evaluation meet your goals?

Measure Progress

How will you tell if you're reaching your goals?

Resources, Instruments, and Tools

See Webinar on Center Evaluations from August 25, 2020.

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