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Center for STEM Education, UNC Charlotte
Promote STEM education across PK-16

State: North Carolina

Caltech Center for Teaching, Learning, & Outreach
The Center for Teaching, Learning, & Outreach (CTLO) supports Caltech's multifaceted educational efforts, including undergraduate and graduate courses and curricula, formal and informal learning, and partnerships with K-12 teachers and students.

State: California

The Marburger STEM Center
Promoting inclusiveness, excellence, creativity and innovation

Administrative Location: Independent

University of Arizona STEM Learning Center
To facilitate institutional partnerships, support effective initiatives, and advance scholarship that promote equitable access to high-quality, STEM experiences, resources, tools, and expertise.

Administrative Location: Administrative Office

STEM Education Center
Research into the improvement of STEM teaching and learning through

Audience: Researchers, Undergraduate Students, K-12 Faculty, Graduate Faculty, Pre-service Teachers, Undergraduate Faculty, Graduate Students, K-12 Students
Administrative Location: School or College:Education
State: Minnesota

Science Education Resource Center (SERC)
Engaging teaching activities. Effective pedagogy. Transformative workshops.

Audience: Graduate Faculty, K-12 Faculty, Pre-service Teachers, Community/General Public, Graduate Students, Undergraduate Faculty
Administrative Location: Independent
State: Minnesota

Center for Research in SEAD Education
Our mission is to produce evidence-based contributions through a cycle of research, practice and evaluation

Administrative Location: Administrative Office
State: Virginia

Portland State University STEM Institute
Portland State University Established: 2016 Profile submitted by Vision and Goals Center/Program Structure Our Institute has a full time director that reports directly to the Provost. There is a steering committee ...

Administrative Location: Independent
State: Oregon

University of Hawaii Office of STEM Education
The University of Hawai'i Office of STEM Education (OSE) provides leadership and support for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities at UH and in Hawai'i.

Administrative Location: Administrative Office
State: Hawaii

Vermont STEM Collaborative
To coordinate, energize and advance STEM* opportunities for all students and educators across Vermont that promote informed, creative and sustained problem solving, investigation and design practices.

Administrative Location: Independent
State: Vermont

Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence & Educational Innovation
Our Mission is to distill the research on learning for faculty and graduate students and collaborate with them to design and implement meaningful educational experiences.

State: Pennsylvania

UND STEM Initiative
The University of North Dakota STEM Initiative seeks to coordinate UND STEM expertise in order to facilitate improvement of undergraduate STEM education, Integrative STEM Education, and STEAM for All through interdisciplinary collaboration in teaching and learning, research, and outreach to the people of North Dakota.

State: North Dakota

The Center for STEM Education at Northeastern University
The Center for STEM Education at Northeastern University seeks to build and support a community of educators, researchers, and students, with the collective goal of strengthening the K-20 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) educational pipeline.

State: Massachusetts

The goals of the Center are three-fold: 1) to facilitate or collaborate on STEM education-based program, research, or evaluation grants on and off campus; 2) to host a clearinghouse in the form of the CSU STEM Center website for on and off campus STEM education-based projects; and 3) to serve as a liaison between CSU and off-campus organizations for PK-20 STEM education.

State: Colorado

STEM Education Initiative
Our mission is to improve STEM Education "from K to gray" in NC and across the country.

State: North Carolina

Institute for Interdisciplinary STEM Education
The Institute mission is to promote authentic interdisciplinary STEM that promotes 21st century reasoning and broadens engagement for underrepresented groups.

State: Georgia

Center for Education Innovation & Learning in the Sciences (CEILS)
To improve student learning and increase persistence in STEM by focusing on faculty development of pedagogical knowledge and its application in the classroom.

State: California

STE2M Center
The STE2M Center shapes policy and facilitates collaboration across the public and private sectors through the collection and analysis of data-driven evidence to improve STEM education and workforce development in the state of Utah.

State: Utah

WVU Center for Excellence in STEM Education
The WVU Center for Excellence in STEM Education aspires to make WVU a national model of high quality STEM education, encouraging more students to, and retaining more students in, courses of study that will open doors to successful STEM careers, including STEM teaching.

State: West Virginia

STEM Center for Outreach, Research & Education (STEM CORE)
The STEM Center for Outreach, Research & Education (STEM-CORE) mission is to serve as a cross-college organizational structure that integrates, deepens, and extends the scope, nature, and ultimately, the impact of STEM education, outreach, research, training, and professional development at Texas Tech University.

Audience: K-12 Faculty, Undergraduate Faculty, Graduate Faculty
Administrative Location: School or College
State: Texas