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Collections of Visualizations on Geoscience Topics

Browse through our collections of visualizations on geoscience topics. Each collection page is targeted at a topic that could be addressed in one or just a few class periods. Many of these pages reside in other parts of the On The Cutting Edge website so don't be surprised if the page looks different when you click on one of the links.

Use the search box to find visualizations on the topic of your choice. You can also browse through all the individual visualizations.

If you know of additional resources to add to one of the collections or have a topic you'd like to see a collect for, use our Feedback box to let us know.


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Sedimentary Rock Type Visualizations part of Cutting Edge:Sedimentary Geology:Visualizations
Photo Collections Sedimentary Rock Photos from Marli Miller, University of Oregon. A collection of beautiful outcrop photographs of various sedimentary rock types. Clastic Cross-bedded sandstone from Utah, ...

2014 Oso, WA Landslide part of Cutting Edge:Hazards:Events
On Saturday, March 22, 2014, at 10:37 a.m. local time, a large landslide occurred near Oso, WA, USA. The collapse of the hillside generated a massive mudflow which rushed across the valley of the North Fork of the Stillaguamish River. The resulting debris field measured roughly 1 square mile. The slide and mudflow engulfed some 50 residences, buried an important highway through the area, and created a blockage that temporarily held back the river.

Deltas and Plumes Visualizations part of Cutting Edge:Courses:Geomorphology:Visualizations
Compiled by Jen Millner at Montana State University Find images showing geomorphological features resulting from the deposition of sediments into open water. Browse the complete set of Visualization Collections. ...

Oil Spills part of Cutting Edge:Topics:Hazards:Visualization Collections
Oil spills cause enormous amounts of damage to ocean and coastal ecosystems and the human populations that depend on them for subsistence, employment, and commerce. These resources speak to the effects of oil spills and aid educators in teaching about these catastrophic events.

Atmospheric Heating Animations part of Cutting Edge:Topics:Hurricanes-Climate Change Connection:Visualizations
Find animations covering the electromagnetic spectrum, Earth's radiation balance, temperature contours, and the urban heat island.

2010 Icelandic Volcano Eruption part of Cutting Edge:Topics:Hazards:Events
The eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in March and April 2010 posed significant challenges for the people of Iceland as well as millions of people across Europe whose airplanes were grounded due to the high concentrations of volcanic ash. One unresolved question centers around the whether this eruption will trigger an eruption by the larger Katla volcano which is located close by and often erupts after its smaller neighbor.

Weather Front Animations part of Cutting Edge:Topics:Hurricanes-Climate Change Connection:Visualizations
These are animations for the formation and characteristics of warm, cold, occluded, and stationary fronts.

Cause of Seasons part of Visualization Collections
Find animations dealing with the cause of the seasons and how the seasons impact the sun's path across the sky, the subsolar point, and the circle of illumination.

Historical Geology Animations part of Visualization Collections
Find animations depicting dating techniques, significant geologic events, and dinosaurs.

Soil Erosion part of Cutting Edge:Courses:Geomorphology:Visualizations
Find animations of soil erosion. There are also Depression Era audio files recounting the Dust Bowl and images of soils.