Initial Publication Date: January 22, 2014


March 7, 2014

Duration - 2 hrs - 9-11 am (PST) | 10-12 pm (MST) | 11-1 pm (CST) | 12-2 pm (EST)
Format - Online web presentation via phone and Adobe Connect web conference software followed by discussion and collaborate problem solving.

A review and exploration of the range of technology used in the development and delivery of video, including a discussion of the pros and cons of each and discussion of common challenges (e.g., ensuring audio and visual clarity, editing).

Session Goals

  • Consider what makes a good video resource and what to eliminate.
  • Learn about a variety of video-making technology and development processes.
  • Begin the development of new web page resources devoted to technological and how-to issues for designing good video.
  • Continue the development of web page resources started in last month's session.


  1. 10-minutes review of online discussion (homework from previous session) - What are common issues that appear in video that make them difficult to watch or listen to? What are things that really work well and make you want to engage more?
  2. 25-minutes: Workspace page TOUR
    4 minutes for each group to present their workspace page/homework while chat board is used for folks to provide input, ideas. Those go to group leaders afterwards for continued inclusion. (Presenter's names bolded below.)
    1. Group 1: Laura Guertin, Ron Harris, Geoff Cook, Scott Brande, Charles Carrigan -- Topic: Development of web page case-study template for describing how videos are used in a particular classroom/course (for generating a collection of case studies on how folks are using video) -- Workgroup 1 page
    2. Group 2: Melissa Lobergeier, Christian Benker, Kathryn Hoppe -- Topic: Development of web page that identifies and links to valuable and effective existing video resources – including descriptions (time, length) that makes them useful -- Video Presentation (MP4 Video 8MB Mar4 14)
    3. Group 3: Jenda Johnson, Steve Burian, Gigi Richard, Ander Sundell -- Topic: Development of web page that describes educational video design and use best practices, literature sources to support, and existing evidence -- Workgroup 3 page
    4. Group 4: Mike Brudzinski, Nancy Mahlen, Sarah Sherman, David McConnell, Rebecca Moncur -- Topic: Development of a common assessment that can be used in multiple classes to collect student feedback on aspects of the use of videos -- Google Docs page through Workgroup 4 page
    5. Group 5: Al Trujillo, Ron Schott, Scott Linneman & Zach Schierl -- Topic: Development of a web page reviewing copyright and fair use rules and impacts -- Google Docs page through Workgroup 5 page
    6. Group 6: Cian Dawson, Joann Hochstein, Alan Whittington -- Topic: Addressing ADA requirements -- Workgroup 6 page
  3. 25-minutes: Video Sample TOUR
    Presentation by 5 participants (showcasing different technologies and design processes -- video and audio).
  1. 20 minutes: Panel Q&A (video developers from tour)
  2. Homework assigned:
    • Contribute to discussions for these two topics:
      • What is the most effective way to use video in courses?
      • How do we know they are effective?
    • At least one of the following:
      • Make a one-minute video describing a geoscience concept discussed in introductory geoscience courses and post it to the workshop webpage.
      • Continue work group project and prepare version for review in next meeting
      • Update under-development resource pages with more examples
  3. 40 minutes -- break into small work groups to develop web-page resources on these topics:
    • A review of various video-making technologies and existing tutorials for making video (pros and cons of each)
    • Troubleshooting video development (common challenges for those beginning to make videos such as ensuring audio and visual clarity and editing suggestions)
    • How people use "story-boarding" or equivalent script-writing processes to design effective video lessons
    • Review what makes a good educational video resource
    • Additional topics as determined in workshop or return to previous month's work for continued development.

References and Resources


Review of small group work from previous session:

Review of results from the Technology survey: