Initial Publication Date: January 22, 2014

Sharing Resources and Data

May 2, 2014

Duration - 2 hrs - 9-11 am (PST) | 10-12 pm (MST) | 11-1 pm (CST) | 12-2 pm (EST)
Format - Online web presentation via phone and Adobe Connect web conference software followed by discussion and collaborate problem solving.

Next steps: Building a community of educators who collaboratively create, share, and assess the use of videos for strengthening geoscience learning. Discussion of potential for collaboration among whole group and smaller subgroups focusing on specific topics or courses.

Session Goals

  • Review goals of ongoing collaborative network sharing resources (pros, cons, and ways to make it work)
  • Develop concrete plans for ongoing collaborations
  • Complete or make plans to complete online web resources developed during the workshop

Tentative program (subject to change)

  1. 20-minutes: 5 minutes each work group discusses previous week's work.
    • Group 11: Developing Activity Sheets to Accompany Video -- Presenter: Scott Brande
    • Group 12: Using Video to Flip a Class -- Presenter: Christian Benker
    • Group 13: Using videos to supplement lecture (self study/review) -- pros/cons and challenges -- Presenter: Al Trujillo
    • Group 14: Assessing the effectiveness of video use in a course -- Presenter: Zach Schierl
  2. 40-minutes: Gallery walk -- 10 minutes each for 1/4 of participants to identify an editor, review online discussion (homework from previous session), and add comments to page.
    • Gallery Topic 1: What resources could you use or what topics would you still like to see us address or address more deeply either in the final session or in future collaborations?
    • Gallery Topic 2: What are the pros and cons of using shared video resources? If cons, how can we get around them?
    • Gallery Topic 3: What are good ways to keep a collaborative community working together?
    • Gallery Topic 4: What are future projects you'd like to see? Next steps?
  3. 10 minutes: Topics that need attention
  4. 10 minutes: Group identification of which group projects to continue and who would be willing to take the lead.
    Continuing Group Work Signups -- Interested leaders and volunteers: add name through chat window, and we'll sign you up right now.
  5. 10 minutes: Action plan development (independent): Action Plan (Microsoft Word 30kB Apr4 14)
  6. 20 minutes: Action plan share: 1 minute per person
  7. 10 minutes: Final wrap up -- GSA/AGU meetings and more

References and Resources

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