Program and Topics

Workshop sessions will be held on the first Friday of the month: Feb. 7, Mar. 7, April 4, and May 2, 2014. Sessions are 2 hours: 9-11 am (PST) | 10-12 pm (MST) | 11-1 pm (CST) | 12-2 pm (EST).

Before the workshop

Prior to the first session, participants must complete the online pre-survey describing their current uses and experience with using video in their courses, including frequency of use, context of use, goals for use, ways in which students interact with the videos, evidence of enhanced learning, and sources and descriptions of publicly available videos. The answers will be discussed in the first workshop session and will be used to inform the direction of future sessions.

The individual workshop sessions will be recorded, and a streaming video will be posted on each session page.

Friday, Feb. 7: Introduction

A review of how video is currently used in undergraduate geoscience education, what research tells us about designing effective video-based learning materials, and what important issues need to be addressed by faculty who use these videos to make them more effective.

Friday, March 7: Technology

A review and exploration of the range of technology used in the development and delivery of video, including a discussion of the pros and cons of each and discussion of common challenges (e.g., ensuring audio and visual clarity, editing).

Friday, April 4: Instructional Practices

A review and discussion of how geoscience faculty and others use and assess the effectiveness of videos in their classes.

Friday, May 2: Sharing Resources and Data

Next steps: Building a community of educators who collaboratively create, share, and assess the use of videos for strengthening geoscience learning. Discussion of potential for collaboration among whole group and smaller subgroups focusing on specific topics or courses.