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Using existing videos  

What existing videos already published online do you find useful and of good quality? How do you use them in/out of class?


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TED videos -- I taught a class last spring on Environmental Factors and Their Effect on Your Food Supply (intro-level, general education). On Fridays, we would watch a TED video in class related to the content we covered that week (the videos were never more than 20 minutes in length). Then, I had the students work in pairs to answer two questions higher on Bloom's Taxonomic Scale. The answers were submitted via iPads - I set up a Diigo account for the class, and the students went to the Diigo bookmark that opened a Google Survey where they entered their responses, which then populated a Google Spreadsheet for me to review the responses. After responses were submitted, if there was time, we would continue with a discussion (sometimes, I couldn't get the students to stop discussing with each other - a good thing!).

I have found plenty of videos that addressed food security and other related topics: http://psubwerm210.wordpress.com/category/ted-videos/

Unfortunately, I'm not impressed with the Earth Science-related TED videos - or have I not looked deep enough? Has anyone found any and/or used TED videos in their Earth Science/Geoscience courses? Thanks!


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Annenberg Learner Earth Revealed video series -- I have used these videos when I've taught online and face-to-face (introductory-level, non-science majors) to introduce students to content in the geosciences, and I have also used them during workshops with in-service teachers. I have always assigned these videos to be viewed outside of class with questions and/or a discussion board to be completed before the next assignment or coming to class. Although the content is still what I am looking for, they are not appearing "dated" to some of today's students. Does anyone know of an equivalent video series that is similar?

Here is the link to the Earth Revealed series: http://www.learner.org/resources/series78.html



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Existing online video resources combined with Google Forms is a method I use as well. (I also make my own videos.) During this workshop, we will develop a list of existing resources we can share (like the TED videos) AND we'll share the activities we build around them. Would be nice to have you upload one of your surveys linked to the TED video as part of the On the Cutting Edge collection. :)


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