Major research frontiers, grand challenges, and thorny problems in structural geology, geophysics and tectonics

One of the purposes of the summer 2012 workshop on Teaching Structural Geology, Geophysics and Tectonics is to address how to incorporate major research frontiers into undergraduate courses. These topics afford the opportunity to illuminate how science is done, along with the excitement of topics around which a community consensus has yet to emerge. We have established lists of research frontiers in each of the three disciplines of the workshop, linked below. Although each list is focused on a specific discipline, the interfaces among the disciplines are nicely represented on each of the lists.

Because of the overlap between research problems in tectonics and those in structural geology and geophysics, we have incorporated "tectonics" frontiers into the geophysics and structural geology lists, with frontiers in tectonics most closely related to each of the disciplines included in the respective lists.