Structural Geology 'Research' Conference

Julie Willis, Department of Geology, BYUI

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In this assignment students read and discuss a peer-reviewed journal article and prepare for and attend our class 'research' conference. In the conference they present on an area of current research as discussed in the journal article they read, and they practice formulating questions about other's research.

1. Read and discuss a structural geology peer-reviewed journal article.
2. Prepare a presentation that demonstrates your understanding of a current research topic in structural geology.
3. View and understand several diverse areas within geology and geophysics that use structural geology in research.
4. Ask questions relevant to a research presentation.

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Undergraduate Level required structural geology course, part II

Skills and concepts that students must have mastered

Understand basic structural geology terms and methods

How the activity is situated in the course

Near the end of the semester as a stand-alone assignment


Content/concepts goals for this activity

Read and discuss peer-reviewed literature using concepts learned during the semester.

Higher order thinking skills goals for this activity

Synthesize concepts, critically evaluate research, apply knowledge of structural geology to other fields,

Other skills goals for this activity

Prepare an oral presentation, read and discuss peer-reviewed literature, listen to and focus on a presentation well enough to formulate questions, using references

Description and Teaching Materials

Structural Geology 'Research' Conference (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 19kB Jul11 12)

Teaching Notes and Tips

The students are stretched as they read and try to understand the literature. They like the challenge. They also enjoy hearing others presentations and learning the cross-disciplinary nature of structural geology.

Discussing with students their chosen article is important as it allows you to clear up misconceptions before they present to their classmates. For the conference, have a moderator (the TA or another student) who tracks the time and gives signals at the 2 minute and 1 minute mark. This keeps the presentations on schedule.


I use the rubric included at the end of the assignment.

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