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Sedimentation Models

Compiled by Jeff Crabaugh at Carleton College (SERC) and the University of Wyoming

Models of Clastic Sedimentation and Stratigraphy

Synthetic Seismic Modeling of Experimental Strata. ( This site may be offline. ) From the website of Lincoln Pratson at Duke University, annotated photos and still images are used to explain synthetic seismograms of strata that were created in an experimental basin at St. Anthony Falls Lab at the Univ. of Minnesota (see link below for movies of experimental modeling). By comparing synthetic seismic models to digital images of the experimental strata an assessment is made of the amount of stratigraphic information captured in seismic imaging.
Experimental Basin Modeling. (more info) The website of Paul Heller at the University of Wyoming contains stills and videos of experimental basin modeling conducted at St. Anthony Falls Lab at the University of Minnesota; now part of the National Center for Earth Surface Dynamics (NCED). The study documents the geomorphology and sequence stratigraphy resulting from slow and rapid base-level changes. Follow link, then click on Experimental Basin Study.
Origins of Ocean Floor Sediments (more info) This visualization shows three different sources of marine sedimentation from three different source areas; coastal, sea floor, and hydrothermal vent systems. Clicking on each image brings up particular examples how how terrigenous, biogenous, and inorganic or 'hydregenous' sediments are formed and delivered to the ocean floor.

Landscape Instability in an Experimental Drainage Basin. (more info) Animations of a physical model and associated numerical model investigating the stability of eroding drainage basins under conditions of constant climate and uplift. This work was conducted by Les Hasbargen at the National Center for Earth Surface Dynamics (NCED) (, University of Minnesota.

Models of Carbonate Sedimentation and Stratigraphy

Stratigraphic Modeling of Carbonate and Clastic Sedimentary Basins. (more info) Website of Christopher G. St. C. Kendall at the University of South Carolina, this website contains numerous still images and interactive animations of sedimentary basin filling, as well as a 'chalktalk' video lecture on the relation of stratigraphic geometry and sea-level change.

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