Contribute to the Teaching Materials Collections

The contributions of resources is what makes the On the Cutting Edge collections rich and diverse. Please add your resources to these growing collections.

Course Description

Tell us about how you teach your sedimentology and stratigraphy course, and upload your syllabus using the Teach the Earth contribute form. View other sedimentology and stratigraphy course descriptions or view the whole Earth Science collection.

Teaching Activities

Contribute a classroom activity, laboratory exercise, or problem set that you use in your sedimentology course using the Teach the Earth contribute form. View sedimentary geology activities already in the collection.


Upload your own visualization that you use to teach concepts relating to sedimentology and stratigraphy. Please be sure you hold the copyright on these items or have obtained proper permission to upload items. If you wish to share a visualization that is not your own, please do as a web or print reference.

Web or Print References

Contribute references that are useful for teaching about sedimentary geology. View the current collection.

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