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July 14-19, 2006
University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

This workshop has already taken place.

Join us for an exciting collaborative effort focused on enhancing the teaching of sedimentary geology at the undergraduate level. This workshop will bring together college and university faculty who teach sedimentary geology to explore a wide variety of topics related to teaching sedimentary geology effectively in the classroom, lab, and field. Participants will share exemplary laboratory and classroom activities, discuss course content and curriculum, explore field trips as a catalyst for integrating field and in-class material, and address issues in teaching and learning sedimentary geologic concepts and processes.

This workshop will be patterned after the very successful workshops on Teaching Mineralogy (1996), Teaching Petrology in the 21st Century (On the Cutting Edge, 2003), Teaching Structural Geology in the 21st Century (On the Cutting Edge, 2004), and Teaching Hydrogeology in the 21st Century (On the Cutting Edge, 2006). Participants will help to develop an on-line Sedimentary Geology Teaching Materials Collection similar to the Petrology, Structural Geology, and Hydrogeology Teaching Materials Collections. Instructional materials developed at the workshop will be reviewed, evaluated, and field-tested in classrooms by workshop participants.


  • Heather Macdonald (College of William and Mary)
  • Kathleen Benison (Central Michigan University)
  • Marjorie Chan (University of Utah)
  • Thomas Hickson (University Saint Thomas)
  • Christopher Paola (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)

This workshop is part of the professional development program On the Cutting Edge for current and future geoscience faculty, sponsored by the National Association of Geoscience Teachers with funding provided by a grant from the National Science Foundation-Division of Undergraduate Education . This workshop is co-sponsored by the National Center for Earth-surface Dynamics. We are part of the Digital Library for Earth System Education (DLESE).