Hurricane Bonnie
TRMM's precipitation radar data of Hurricane Bonnie Details

Recommended Web Resources


27 Storms: Arlene to Zeta - This NASA visualization shows all 27 named storms that formed in the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season and examines some of the conditions that made hurricane formation so favorable. See a related classroom activity that uses this animation from Earthlabs.

Towers in the Tempest from NASA, a 4.5 minute narrated animation that explains recent scientific insights into how hurricanes intensify.


Historical Hurricane Tracks (more info) - GIS vector data (shapefiles) of hurricane tracks from NOAA. They are available for download here by basin (Atlantic or Eastern north Pacific) or for both basins.

NAO (station-based) and NAO (PC-based) Climate Indices- Jim Hurrell at NCAR maintains HTML, ASCII, and Excel versions of North American Oscillation (NAO) indexes from 1860 to present day.

Portal sites with various types of information

NASA Hurricane Education - NASAs collection of educational tools including posters, visualizations, graphics, and classroom activities on hurricanes.

For a larger, searchable collection of web resources, see the Hurricane-Climate Change Internet Collection