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Workshop Program

5:00-5:10 Workshop Overview; Who is the audience for the tenure package?

5:10-6:10 What does your CV say about you?
A CV is a window to your career accomplishments and essential to the tenure package. CVs will be analyzed to determine what message they convey based on their content and organization.

6:10-6:20 Break; Light dinner served and can be eaten at leisure during rest of workshop.

6:20-7:20 The Personal Statement - how can you present your strongest case?

Participants will examine tenure narratives and other excerpts from tenure packages from a range of academic institutions. Participants will analyze these examples to identify features of successful tenure packages, ways tenure applicants made persuasive arguments for excellence in teaching and excellence in research/scholarly activity, how service contributions were addressed. If there were weaknesses, how were they addressed?

7:20-7:40 Where are you and where do you need to be? Consider your tenure requirements, and your particular issues and concerns. Discussion and reflection on where you are in the tenure process in your teaching, scholarship, service and the timeframe you have from now until tenure application. What do you need to do?

7:40-7:55 Develop an Action Plan. Introduction of several example strategies to help you position yourself to make your strongest case for tenure. These include general guidelines for tenure preparation and pre-tenure career planning and progress charts. Use these examples to later (post-workshop) draft your own plan to move towards your strongest tenure application.

7:55-8:00 Closing Remarks; Evaluation

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