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Geological Oceanography One-Page Papers
Laura Wetzel, Eckerd College
Each student in the Geological Oceanography class writes a series of one-page papers for topics throughout the semester, presents one topic as a 3 to 5 minute oral presentation, and revises all papers as a ...

Does Fracking Cause Earthquakes?
Renee Faatz, Snow College
Students will use the IRIS Earthquake Browser to assess the pattern of earthquakes in Arkansas before, during and after (>2011) fracking related wastewater injection. Students will use critical thinking skills ...

Finding and predicting hurricane activity through GIS
Jennifer Gebelein, Florida International University
Students must be able to search for, find, download, display, query and map hurricane and other relevant GIS data. Hurricane data spans 1851-2008 and is from: http://www.fgdl.org/metadataexplorer/explorer.jsp ...

Is there more extreme weather?
Max Berkelhammer, University of Illinois at Chicago
There is an anecdotal perspective that weather is becoming more "extreme". Scientists, however, really grapple with proving whether this is true or not. In this activity students will address the problem ...