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Every scientist knows the power of engaging students in working with real data. Working with data derived from observations in the field, experiments, analyses, remote sensing or modeling lies at the core of being a geoscientist and is one of the most exciting things we do. The ability to learn effectively from our own data and that of others is the mark of an accomplished scientist and is a common goal for our students.

This session is designed to allow the entire GSA community to come together to share and discuss how we use data to help students learn concepts, think scientifically, and develop their skills in making interpretations and communicating conclusions. We invite contributions from throughout the geosciences involving all kinds of data in the full spectrum of approaches to helping students of all ages learn geoscience.

The contributions to this session will be preserved in an on-line searchable collection designed to foster continued sharing and interaction. To make the session and the resulting collection of highest use as we think about teaching and work to adapt and adopt ideas from colleagues, we ask that each contributor

  1. Submit an abstract for Session 32 that introduces or summarizes the example they wish to present (Deadline July 15) Description of Session 32, View Abstracts
  2. Complete the submission form (offline - no longer valid) which includes uploading a pdf file of their poster (Deadline Oct 31)
  3. Display your poster at the Sunday, November 2, 1:00 session at GSA Guidelines for Poster Preparation

The form must be completed in a single session (leaving the session erases the data) at the same time your poster is uploaded. You may find it simplest to review the questions on the form, compose brief answers to them offline and then actually fill out the form in one go once your poster is complete.

As guidelines to help make these presentations both comprehensive and useful, we ask that all abstracts and posters address learning goals; instructional context; required data, tools and equipment; and evaluation strategies in addition to providing a description of the activity and its outcomes. You may wish to use the same text in the poster that you develop for the form below.

The session will take place on Sunday afternoon, November 1 in the poster hall. There are opportunities for several hundred posters. The one paper rule is waived for this session.

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