December 5, 2002

Pacific C Room, Marriott Hotel
8:30 AM

This one-day workshop at the American Geophysical Union Meeting is designed for faculty who are interested in increasing their use of inquiry-based approaches employing on-line global datasets to teach Earth processes. The workshop will feature leaders who work extensively with on-line global data either in their research or their courses. Topics covered by the workshop will include: 1) strategies for engaging introductory students with data sets; 2) using inquiry to develop conceptual understanding; 3) managing data, computers, students, and products; 4) techniques for evaluating student learning in this setting. Examples will be drawn from across the Earth system. There is a 20 person limit and $30 registration fee. Registration is available online.

Conveners: Cathy Manduca (Carleton College), Dave Mogk (Montana State University), Alex Moore (Cornell University).

This workshop is part of the program On the Cutting Edge: Workshops for Geoscience Faculty, supported by the National Association of Geoscience Teachers and DLESE with funding provided by grant #0127141 from the National Science Foundation-Division of Undergraduate Education .

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