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Assignment #1 (between the March and April sessions)

By Monday, March 14, noon EDT (virtual kickoff)

  • Complete the road check to let us know how the workshop is going for you.

By Wednesday, March 16, 10 pm EDT (virtual kickoff) or by Wednesday, March 23, 10 pm EDT (face-to-face kickoff)

  • If you have not yet finished providing feedback to everyone in your group on their course goals, please provide that feedback.

By Friday, April 8, 10 pm EDT

  • Read the feedback from the conveners and other participants on the first draft of your course goals.
  • Revise your course goals, and enter the revisions in the second part of your course goals workspace page. Please do not delete the original version.
  • You may find the section on setting goals in our Online Course Design Tutorial useful. You might also find the Goals/Syllabus Database useful as well. Just recognize that not all of the course goals that have been submitted to this database over the years meet the very specific criteria that we are asking you to meet in this workshop!
  • Answer the other questions on your course goals workspace page, including adding two strategies that you could use to enhance student motivation.
  • Read and respond to discussion threads; start discussion threads, if you wish.
  • If you want to have a phone or Skype consultation with Barb, David, or Brian, please send an email.

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