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Assignment #2

Before the May 7 session, please do the following (note dates listed):

  • Complete the road check to let us know how the workshop is going for you.
  • Read the Assignment/Activity Design pages, and add your comments to the group pages that you didn't work on during the April 9 session. Do this before you start working on your own assignment/activity assignment for the May session.
  • Add to the Discussion thread on what is different about the kinds of spatial analyses that geoscientists do and the kinds of data sets they use.
  • Outline at least one assignment/activity for your course, and enter the information on your activity workspace page (which can be linked from the Participant Workspaces Index. Your workspace page draft must be be completed by Friday, April 28.
  • Read and comment on the the activity/assignment ideas of at least the people in your main group by Wednesday, May 4.
  • Revise your activity workspace page by Friday, May 6.
  • Read and respond to discussion threads; start discussion threads, if you wish.
  • If you want to have a phone or Skype consultation with Barb, Brian, or David, please send an email.
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