Photo Gallery from the Teaching with Ice Cores Workshop

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Photos by Karin Kirk

Outside the ice core freezer
Entering the freezer
It was 20 below (C) inside the freezer! Warm clothing was mandatory.

Todd Sowers point out a drill press used to prepare ice cores as Allan Ashworth looks on.
Ice cores in labeled plastic sleeves
The penguin must be the universal symbol meaning "keep this frozen."

Two Antarctic ice cores. The core in the background has a distinctive layer of volcanic ash. The core in the foreground has large air bubbles trapped in the ice.
These large gas bubbles contain samples of ancient air used to determine past climate.
An ice core for show and tell.

Penn State's Todd Sowers holds an ice core during the tour of the ice core freezer and laboratory.
Todd Sowers shows equipment used to extract gasses from ice cores.
Participants were treated to samples from 45,000 year old ice from the Moulten ice core in Antarctica.

Ester Sztein enjoys a snack of the ancient ice.
A piece of ice from the Mt. Moulten ice core in West Antarctica. This ice is 45,000 years old, and gas bubbles of varying sizes are plainly visible.

Photos by Allan Ashworth

The ice core workshop participants.
Working on teaching activities
Presenting ideas for teaching with ice core data

Cathy Whitlock, Makeeya Hazelton and Cathy Manduca.
Dressing for success to enter the ice core freezer
Looking at an ice core in the freezer

Photos by Dallas Rhodes

Workshop participants examine an ice core.
USNC/INQUA Chair Allan Ashworth presents an ice core for the workshop group to look at.
Workshop participant J. Elmo Rawlings enjoys a snack of 45,000 year old Antarctic ice.

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