Clicking on the names of the workshop leaders will take you to pages with their answers to questions about their careers.

Conveners, Leaders and Facilitators

Heather Macdonald, ( This site may be offline. ) Geology Department, College of William and Mary
Robyn Wright Dunbar, Center for Teaching & Learning, Stanford University

Anne Egger, Department of Geological and Environmental Science, Stanford University
Oswaldo Garcia, Department of Geosciences, San Francisco State University
Margot Gerritsen, Department of Energy Resources Engineering, Stanford University
Jeff Marshall, Department of Geological Sciences, California Polytechnic Unversity Pomona
Francisca Oboh-Ikuenobe, Department of Geological Sciences & Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Rachel O'Brien, Geology Department, Allegheny College
Steve Semken, School of Earth and Space Exploration, Arizona State University
Katryn Wiese, Geology and Oceanography, City College of San Francisco

Monica Bruckner, Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College
Carol Ormand, Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College

Workshop Participants

Reginald Archer, University of California, Santa Barbara
Nicholas Balascio, University of Massachusetts
Laurie Barge, University of Southern California
Andrew Beck, University of Tennessee
Joseph Blankinship, University of California, Merced
Elizabeth Cassel, Stanford University
Sandy Chang, Stanford University
Frances Cooper, Arizona State University
Ryan Currier, Johns Hopkins University
Stephanie Day, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Duane DeVecchio, University of California, Santa Barbara
Elizabeth Diesel, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Aurora Elmore, Rutgers University
Andrea Erhardt, Stanford University
William Flatley, Texas A&M University
Oceana Francis, International Arctic Research Center, University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Priya Ganguli, University of California, Santa Cruz
Omar Harvey, Texas A & M University
Alexander Hastings, University of Florida
Paulo Hidalgo, Michigan State University
Shari Hilding-Kronforst, Texas A&M University
Leah Hogarth, University of California, San Diego
Musa Hussein, University of Texas at El Paso
Ivy Krystal Jones, Hampton University
Indra Kalinovich, SUNY University at Buffalo
Marianne Karplus, Stanford University
YoungHee Kim, California Institute of Technology
Cody Kirkpatrick, University of Alabama in Huntsville
Bess Koffman, University of Maine
Alison Koleszar, Oregon State University
Alexander Koltunov, University of California, Davis
Stephen Krabbe, University of Missouri, Kansas City
Kristen Lee, University of Washington
John Lyons, Michigan Technological University
Katherine Mackey, Stanford University
Jason Mailloux, University of Wyoming
Shasta Marrero, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Melany McFadden, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, University of Miami
Diedre Meiggs, Georgia Institute of Technology
Vanessa Mitchell, Stanford University
Pinki Mondal, University of Florida
Derrick Newkirk, University of Florida
Clifton Nunnally, Texas A&M University, Galveston
Kingsley Odigie, University of California, Santa Cruz
Emily Peterman, University of California, Santa Cruz
John Peterson, University of California, Davis
Pallav Ray, University of Miami
Melissa Richards, University of Colorado at Boulder
Laura Rosales Lagarde, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Everett Salas, Rice University
Mehmet Akif Sarikaya, University of Nebraska, Omaha
Aya Schneider Mor, Stanford University
Solomon Seyum, Stanford University
Robina Shaheen, University of California, San Diego
Gyami Shrestha, University of California, Merced

Mimi Szeto, University of New Hampshire
Anna Szynkiewicz, University of Texas at El Paso
Christy Till, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nathan Toke, Arizona State University
Christina Viviano, University of Tennessee
Alexis Vizcaino Marti, Stanford University
Zhankun Wang, Texas A&M University
Amy Williams, University of California, Davis
Li Xu, George Mason University (COLA)
Lin Zhang, University of Rhode Island