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Negotiating for What You Need to be Successful

Oh lucky day, you've got a job offer (or more than one). Now you need to negotiate salary, start-up funds, lab space, teaching duties, and perhaps a job for your spouse or partner. How do you get what you need, without creating tensions before you even start your new job?

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Academic Salary Data

Job-hunting handbooks recommend that, when it comes to negotiating salary, you name a range, from the least you would accept to the most that would be reasonable for someone in the job you are after (e.g. Bolles, 2005 ; King, 1993 ). Here's how to find out what a typical assistant professor makes, wherever you are interviewing.... Keep in mind that the "average" assistant professor has been teaching for a few years and that salaries do vary by field.

Contract negotiation in academia

While salary is an important component of an academic job offer, it is by no means the only important aspect.

General resources on negotiation

Tips from Early Career Geoscience Faculty Workshop Alums

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