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Assessment Using Concept Sketches part of Activities
Julia Johnson, Arizona State University What learning is this evaluation activity designed to assess? Student understanding of the processes associated with a divergent plate margin using assessment by concept ...

Assessment of improving student outcomes in scientific data analysis and synthesis part of Activities
I designed a set of questions, with input from other faculty, to be used in an interview style at the beginning and end an introductory geology course with volunteer participants. I recorded and videotaped my 15 minute interviews, keeping a written record of responses, and hired a research assistant to help evaluate results

On-line Earth System Science Cooperative Learning Rubric part of Activities
Cooperative learning groups of K-12 teachers use a scoring rubric for development of a group report on the impact of an event on the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere.

Assessing links between climate, active deformation, & geomorphology part of Activities
A two-part pre-curriculum assessment is utilized to evaluate intuitive and learned knowledge of concepts relating to tectonic geomorphology, climate studies, and the formation of active geologic structures. Part 1 asks the student to rank their understanding of various concepts; Part 2 engages the students in a group activity to brainstorm correlations between various tectonic and geomorphic indices.

High-Stakes Proficiency Testing part of Activities
Jenelle Hopkins, NSF - Einstein Fellow in Geoscience What learning is this evaluation activity designed to assess? This is an example of a high school proficiency test that is used in Nevada. Sometimes called ...

Assessment of Student Mental Model Development part of Activities
Bruce Herbert, Texas A&M University What learning is this evaluation activity designed to assess? Students organize scientific knowledge and reason about environmental issues by manipulating ...

Decision Making Using Data part of Activities
Students, within the context of learning about understanding risk, risk assessment , or the predictive value of scientific data, receive relevant decision scenarios, framing outcomes either positively or negatively. Students then make decisions, taking into account the data provided.

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