Physical Weathering Concept Map Exercise

David McConnell
University of Akron
Students review and score a concept map for physical weathering using a grading rubric. They are then asked to reorganize or redraw the diagram to a form that you believe is appropriate to earn the highest score on the rubric.

What learning is this evaluation activity designed to assess?

Students must accurately organize the characteristics of physical weathering and evaluate an idealized learning product.

What is the nature of the teaching/learning situation for which your evaluation has been designed?

Group exercise in a large non-majors earth science class or as a homework assignment.

What advice would you give others using this evaluation?

Students should have some experience using concept maps prior to attempting the exercise.

Are there particular things about this evaluation that you would like to discuss with the workshop participants? Particular aspects on which you would like feedback?

How often do people use concept maps in their courses. If they don't use them, why not? If they do, how often?

Evaluation Materials