Affective Domain in the Geosciences - Concept Map

During the workshop, a small group solicited input from all the workshop participants to create this concept map. Participants were asked to reflect on their new understanding of the affective domain after their experiences together. Then they were asked to comment on ideas about how the affective domain is important to the geosciences. These were categorized and linked together to form the map. A preliminary version of the map is shown below; to see a larger version of it, click on the image.

Additional work on this map is being conducted by some of the original group. Mimi Fuhrman, Jenefer Husman, Kaatje Kraft, Martina Nieswandt, Steven Semken, and LeeAnn Srogi are continuing the effort of refining the map and investigating how this map fits in with other concept maps that have been created for the geosciences.