Workshop Mini-Posters

Workshop participants were encouraged to create mini-posters to document research or experience with the role of the affective domain in teaching.

Alan Boyle, Liverpool University
Is field work good? An analysis of the student view (Acrobat (PDF) PRIVATE FILE 869kB Mar12 07)

Robert Butler, University of Portland
The Power of Place: Connecting Geoscience Learning to Regional Geology (PowerPoint PRIVATE FILE 2.3MB Mar12 07)

Bosiljka Glumac, Smith College
Designing Geoscience Courses around Projects with Realistic Scenarios (PowerPoint PRIVATE FILE 29kB Mar12 07)

Bosiljka Glumac, Smith College
Introduction to Biotic Evolution: A Case of Cancer (PowerPoint PRIVATE FILE 28kB Mar12 07)

Patricia Hauslein, St. Cloud State University
Science Teaching Spirituality (PowerPoint PRIVATE FILE 54kB Mar12 07)

Jenefer Husman, Arizona State University
When learning seems (un)important: Future Time Perspective and post-secondary students' self-regulatory strategy use (PowerPoint PRIVATE FILE 132kB Mar12 07)

Kaatje Kraft, Mesa Community College
Strategies to Establish a Scientific Discourse Community (PowerPoint PRIVATE FILE 317kB Mar12 07)

Matthew Nyman, University of New Mexico
Investigating Teachers' Attitudes Towards Science (Acrobat (PDF) PRIVATE FILE 101kB Mar12 07)

Steven Semken, Arizona State University
Sense of Place in Geoscience Learning and Teaching (Acrobat (PDF) PRIVATE FILE 3MB Mar12 07)

LeeAnn Srogi, West Chester University
Action Research Related to the Affective Domain (PowerPoint PRIVATE FILE 1.2MB Mar12 07)

Suzanne M (Suki) Smaglik, Central Wyoming College
Opening Minds (PowerPoint PRIVATE FILE 428kB Mar12 07)

Lensyl Urbano, University of Memphis
Affective responses of creators and viewers of peer-produced movies ( PRIVATE FILE 288kB Mar12 07)