Workshop on Changing Student Motivations and Attitudes in the Geosciences

Saturday, September 19, 2009 at Mesa Community College

Diagram comparing affective domain vs cognitive domain. Original image by Karin Kirk, SERC-Carleton College. This workshop has already taken place. Visit the workshop program to see workshop presentations and outcomes.

When we teach our introductory courses, we tend to focus on the cognitive domain of learning (e.g., content comprehension, assessment), however, research shows that if students' affective domain (e.g., emotion, motivation, attitude) is not addressed, learning decreases (Pekrun, 2002). How often do we think about this aspect of teaching when we plan our lessons? How can we increase student learning by making small shifts in how we approach our teaching? Is it possible that we might be able to increase student majors if we address these issues at the introductory level? Take advantage of our geographic proximity after the Geology (Articulation Task Force) ATF meeting, by attending this one day workshop to discover more and make a positive change for your classroom.

Workshop Convener

Kaatje Kraft, Physical Science Department, Mesa Community College