Initial Publication Date: January 26, 2007

Share References or Teaching Materials

For each of the On the Cutting Edge workshops, we create collections of relevant teaching materials that are contributed by faculty and graduate students, as well as resources that are collected by our staff. Please help us in our efforts to distribute quality teaching materials by sharing activities that you have created or references that you use.

  • Please let us know about web or print references that you find useful for learning about the affective domain or applying these concepts to teaching earth science courses.
  • Contribute teaching materials such as projects, debates, assignments or lab activities, using the Teach the Earth contribute form. You will be asked several questions about how you use the teaching activity and you will be able to upload your files.
  • Share assessment tools and methods for the affective domain. If you have any test questions or surveys that you use to understand students' attitude, motivation, comfort etc., please contribute them here.
  • Check out the Works in Progress page to learn more about various efforts that have been generated by participants in the workshop.