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Share Assessment Tools

Do you have an example of an assessment method that measures affective goals or outcomes? Examples could include pre- and post-tests, questionnaires, or attitude surveys.

Please fill out the form below and upload your file(s). Materials that are contributed will be added to the affective domain web collection.

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We encourage you to upload files with the assessment tool and/or the assignment that the assessment goes with. You may also upload additional supporting materials such as grading rubrics, data files, images, and sample student work. Please be sure that your files are smaller than 20 Mb. We hope that your files will, in fact, be much smaller than this!

Please be sure to assign titles to your documents that clearly identify their contents and purposes. Your files will be uploaded when you submit this form.

Assessment Tool

A single file containing a complete description of the assessment or the actual assessment given to students.


Instructor's Notes

A single file with additional background information for the instructor. This might include a discussion of the background about how the assessment is used, instructions on how to implement it, tips for success, etc.


Supporting Materials

You may upload up to five additional files to accompany your submission. If you have more than five additional files, please combine them (e.g., a .zip archive) for uploading.






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