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Undergraduate Teaching for a Sustainable Future

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Activities, course descriptions, essays and program profiles contributed by InTeGrate participants .
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InTeGrate-Developed Teaching Materials

Classroom-tested modules and courses developed by InTeGrate.
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Infuse Sustainability into Your Course

Bringing sustainability into your teaching can establish relevance, bridge course content to current topics in the news, and connect course material to other disciplines.

Help Your Students Become Expert Thinkers about the Earth System

The Earth is a very complex system, and geoscience requires some novel ways of thinking. Teach your students to think like geoscientists and to make connections to other disciplines

Inspire Your Students to Make a Difference through Civic Engagement in Societal Issues

Help your students make connections between what they learn in the classroom and the 'real world', get involved in the community, and prepare students for the workforce with hands-on experience.

Bring the Earth into Your Teaching: from Engineering to English

Many societal issues are related to the Earth. Build connections between faculty and differing perspectives to strengthen your teaching.

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