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Activity Design

Questions to Consider when Designing or Reviewing an Activity

These questions come from discussions at activity development workshops of the characteristics that make an activity excel, and of the features of an activity sheet that make it useful to other faculty. They bring together ideas that resulted from participants own experience teaching, from the review of activities in the workshop and from discussions of literature on teaching problem solving, learning more broadly, and curriculum design. They were originally developed in the Teaching Quantitative Skills workshop series on activity development and review; they were refined by participants in workshops creating and reviewing activities as part of the Pedagogies in Action Project (Physics, Statistics, Mathematics). Reflecting on these questions, Barb Tewksbury developed an associated rubric and the Using MARGINS Data in the Classroom project developed an observational protocol for evaluating the success of an activity as you use. The version presented here also reflects discussion by the PIs in the Cutting Edge project.

This Observational Protocol (Microsoft Word 69kB Apr17 09) developed by MARGINS can be used to test if your activity is meeting your expectations during instruction.


Aspects of Activity Design

Course Design

Developing Activity Sheets

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