Bringing Margins Research into the Classroom

To promote excellent interdisciplinary teaching in undergraduate geoscience courses, GeoPRISMS and On the Cutting Edge will produce resources that are informed by both cutting edge science and education research, have been rigorously tested, and organized into coherent segments. The resources will focus on using the data from the four initiatives of the MARGINS program:

  • Rupturing Continental Lithosphere
  • Seismogenic Zone Experiment
  • Subduction Factory
  • Source to Sink
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Workshops and Webinars

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Past Margins in the Classroom Project

The MARGINS program produced rich data and scientific results for us in teaching about the Earth's continental margins. Through the MARGINS Data in the Classroom project researchers and educators collaborated to create of a set of Mini-Lessons that repurpose MARGINS data and resources for teaching undergraduate geoscience from a multidisciplinary perspective. The project hosted a series of workshops to facilitate collaborative authoring and reviewing of these materials. Some of the materials were assessed in classrooms and evaluated using a structured reflection by the instructor. This work was supported by the National Science Foundation (DUE 0633124).

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