History of pollution in Woburn, Massachusetts, review of EPA report titled Wells G and H Site Remedial Investigation Report Part I Woburn, Massachusetts, vol 2: appendix B.
J.A. Tarr 1987 W.R. Grace and Company

Part 2 of the W.R. Grace report written by GeoTrans concerning the remediation plan proposed by U.S. EPA. Appendix B contains a detailed history of the pollution of the Aberjona River valley by Professor Joel Tarr at the University of Pittsburgh. Other appendices include histories of the Wells G and H and the Woburn water supply system.

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Topics: Woburn:Wells G and H Superfund Site:Remediation, Woburn:Water Supply, Pollution Sources, WellsKeywords: Pollution, Aberjona River valley, Woburn, Wells G and H, piggeries, tanneries, chemical manufacturing