Workshop Overview

The first Visualizing the Liberal Arts (Viz) workshop explored the rich possibilities for designing visual arguments, assignments and teaching strategies. Over the three days of the workshop, we explored how different disciplines might use visual learning, examine colleagues' examples of exciting visual pedagogies, design and refine our own visual assignments, and evaluate visual products to see how our disciplines understand and interpret visual objects. Participants considered examples of innovative assignments from a variety of disciplines, explored the available support structures, and discussed copyright, assessment, and other questions. In consultation with a project team of faculty colleagues and academic support professionals, each workshop participant designed a visual assignment for a future course.

Participants could apply for a follow-up stipend to continue their work, consulting with a colleague or support staff as they implemented new visual course materials and assignments and assessed the results. In addition, they were encouraged to apply for Viz curricular grants for Summer '10 to develop a course or revise an existing course to incorporate visual materials.


The workshop took place December 7-9, 2009 at the Alumni Guest House.

Other Details

Curricular connections: Argument and Inquiry Seminars, Arts Practice requirement, Academic Civic Engagement.