Learning to Look - Ethically

Viz Winter Break Workshop

December 5-7
1-5 pm, Weitz Center 236

How do we teach our students to encounter the world and to pursue their studies ethically? When do visual means of learning and teaching pose ethical challenges?

This Viz workshop focused on ethical issues concerning the creation, analysis, and use of visual material, visualizations, and representations.
  • We discussed ways of preparing students to be ethically-informed and culturally sensitive observers of other people and cultures with a special focus on Off-Campus Studies and Academic Civic Engagement.
  • We watched the film Stranger with a Camera and considered its implications for our practices of engaging with outside communities.
  • We explored some of the places where visual material or visualizations pose ethical challenges in our disciplines and in our classrooms and worked on guidelines for helping students navigate these challenges.
  • We heard from an array of colleagues about visual curricular experiments, on campus and off-campus.

Questions? Contact Victoria Morse (vmorse@carleton.edu; x4210)

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