Embedded Metadata:

An Explanation with Real World Uses

With Greg Reser, metadata specialist at the University of California, San Diego
CAMS Classroom 138, Weitz Center for Creativity

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Metadata Deluxe Blog, workshop downloads, and Greg's PowerPoint presentation at Carleton

You use metadata everyday, possibly without even knowing it. For example, embedded metadata is the enclosed information which allows you to organize your digital music files between your computer and your portable music player. Wouldn't it be great if you could accomplish the same level of organization with other digital files, such as images and PDFs, as you do with your music collection?

This workshop explained how metadata, both technical and descriptive, is and can be embedded in these files and how its addition makes them more accessible and usable. If you have a large collection of digital files and are looking for a way to add information about them without a database, using embedded metadata may be for you.

In a hands-on session, we worked with several existing embedded metadata reading and editing tools and introduced the Visual Resources Association's custom XMP File Info panel for Adobe Photoshop and Bridge applications.

Organized by Heidi Eyestone, Curator of the Visual Resources Collection, Art/Art History.