Visiting Artist Workshops

Christian Korab's Master Printing Workshop

November 16, 2012

Fine Art printing at Carleton began last year in the IdeaLab. We supply four printers for the use of anyone at Carleton to produce high-end archival prints from 8x10inches to 44inch wide large-format printing.

After training, Carls can reserve time to print beautiful large-format prints at the IdeaLab.

Photographer and Master Printer: Christian Korab, came to the IdeaLab to hold three identical workshops on Friday November 16th, during reading days. Session One was held from 12:00pm - 2:00pm Session Two was held from 2:15pm - 4:15pm and Session Three was held from 4:30-6:30pm.

Christian Korab's Master Printing Workshop

April 13, 2011

Bidou Yamaguchi Mask Making Workshop

February 16, 2011

Boliou Woodshop

Workshop with Bidou Yamaguchi, Noh Mask maker, in residence. A part of the Visualizing Japanese Theater festival. Photography by Linnea Bullion '13.

Eiko Otake's Delicious Movement Workshop

January 25, 2011

Cowling Dance Studio

Eiko Otake led a two-hour Delicious Movement workshop, attended by Carleton students, staff, faculty, and members of the Northfield community including current and former St. Olaf students. Participants were invited to visualize and move, on the floor and standing, alone and with a partner. A part of the Visualizing Japanese Theater festival.

See more at the Eiko and Koma website.

B-Boy Master Class

October 1-2, 2010

East Gym

Breaking or b-boying (breakdancing) is an integral part of popular American culture in larger cities. The artists pride themselves on their fancy footwork and acrobatic style. The battle--the competition between a half dozen "crews" from the Twin Cities, Carleton, and Northfield--was judged by 3 world-class b-boys from New York City: Kid Glyde, Whorah, and Gravity. In 2009 Kid Glyde was one of only 16 b-boys in America to be selected for the Red Bull BC1 competition; in 2010 Gravity was selected. These b-boys are members of Dynamic Rockers, one of the original b-boy groups from the 1970s. They regularly take part in international competitions, and in November 2010 they represented the United States at the b-boy championship in the United Kingdom.

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