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2007 Workshop Participants

Mary Jo Alfano, American Geological Institute, Team: AmericaView
William Beaver, Science Approach Team: NASA-NEO
Larry Biehl, Purdue University, Team: AmericaView
Jennifer Boehnert, NCAR, Team: NCAR
Bojan Bojkov, NASA, Team: NASA-Aura
Lawrence Buja, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Team: NCAR
Brooke Carter, NASA/GSFC/SSAI, Team: NASA-Aura
Korey Champe, PASCO Scientific, Team: Project WET
Gary Cook, Project WET, Team: Project WET
Constantin Cranganu, Brooklyn College City University of New York, Team: NCAR
LuAnn Dahlman, TERC, Team: NASA-NEO
Robert Dedrick, Canandaigua Academy, Team: NODC
Deborah Dogancay, Newbury Park High School, Team: NODC
Ben Domenico, Unidata/UCAR, Team: NCAR
Todd Ensign, NASA IV&V Facility Educator Resource Center, Team: AmericaView
Eric Fermann, Eastchester High School, Team: NASA-Aura
Rita Freuder, University of New Hampshire, EOS-WEBSTER, Team: GLOBE Carbon Cycle
Suchi Gopal, Boston University, Team: NCDC
Leslie Gordon, Gordon Consulting, Team: GLOBE Seasons and Biomes
Nick Haddad, TERC, Team: GLOBE Seasons and Biomes
Daniel Hayes, St. Johns River Water Management District, Team: Project WET
David Herring, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Team: NASA-NEO
Sarah Hill, TERC, Team: Staff
Steve Kluge, Fox Lane High School, Team: NASA-NEO
Nicole LaDue, John Jay High School, , Team: IODP
Rick Landenberger, West Virginia University, Team: AmericaView
Johanna Ledley, Gann Academy, Team: Project WET
Tamara Ledley, TERC, Team: Staff
Michael Leon, GLOBE, Team: GLOBE Seasons and Biomes
Neal Lott, NOAA/National Climatic Data Center, Team: NCDC
Susan Lynds, CIRES, University of Colorado, Team: Staff-Evaluator
Mary Martin, University of New Hampshire, Team: GLOBE Carbon Cycle
Carla McAuliffe, TERC, Team: NCDC
Mark McCaffrey, CIRES-CU Boulder, Team: NSIDC
Walt Meier, National Snow and Ice Data Center, , Team: NSIDC
Matthew Menne, NOAA/National Climatic Data Center, Team: NCDC
Kim Morris, Geophysical Institute UAF, Team: GLOBE Seasons and Biomes
Debbie Munson, TERC, Team: GLOBE Carbon Cycle
Shannon Niou, NOAA/NESDIS/NODC, Team: NODC
Mary O'Neill, South Dakota State University, Team: AmericaView
Sheri Phillips, NOAA National Oceanographic Data Center, Team: NODC
John Pickle, Concord Academy, Team: NODC
Linda Pikula, NOAA, Team: NODC
Anupma Prakash,Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Team: NSIDC
Eric Pyle, James Madison University, Team: IODP
Daniel Quoidbach, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Team: IODP
Josh Reed, CHRONOS, Team: IODP
Glen Reid, NOAA/NCDC, Team: NCDC
Jessica Robin, SSAI/NASA GSFC, Team: GLOBE Seasons and Biomes
Brian Rogan, Museum of Science, Team: NSIDC
Meghan Ryan, Boston University, Team: Project WET
Gerry Saunders, Unity College, Team: Project WET
Linda Selvig, Centennial High School, Team: GLOBE Carbon Cycle
Sarah Silverberg, University of New Hampshire, Team: GLOBE Carbon Cycle
David Smith, Northwestern University, Team: NCAR
Christine Sommers-Austin, Montana State University, Team: AmericaView
Elena Sparrow, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Team: GLOBE Seasons and Biomes
Mike Taber, Colorado College, , Team: Project WET
Michael Urban, University of Northern Colorado, Team: NASA-Aura
Kevin Ward, SSAI/NASA Goddard, Team: NASA-NEO
Jill Weinberger, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Team: IODP
Mary Whaley, Joint Oceanographic Institutions, Team: IODP
Olga Wilhelmi, NCAR, Team: NCAR
Elizabeth Youngman, Phoenix Country Day School, Team: NSIDC

Data Teams

AmericaView, Room C211
Mary Jo Alfano, Larry Biehl, Todd Ensign, Rick Landenberger, Mary O'Neill

GLOBE - Carbon Cycle, Room W2155
Rita Freuder, Mary Martin, Debbie Munson, Linda Selvig, Sarah Silverberg


GLOBE - Seasons and Biomes, Room C212

Leslie Gordon, Nick Haddad, Michael Leon, Kim Morris, Jessica Robin, Elena Sparrow

IODP - Integrated Ocean Drilling Project, Room C115 (more info)

Nicole LaDue, Eric Pyle, Daniel Quoidbach, Josh Reed, Jill Weinberger, Mary Whaley

NSIDC - National Snow and Ice Data Center, Room C208

Mark McCaffrey, Walt Meier, Anupma Prakash, Brian Rogan, Betsy Youngman

NASA - Aura, Room C108

Bojan Bojkov, Brooke Carter, Deb Dogan???ay Eric Fermann, Michael Urban

NASA - NEO - NASA Earth Observations, Room C210

Bill Beaver, LuAnn Dahlman, David Herring, Steve Kluge, Kevin Ward

NCAR - National Center for Atmospheric Research, Room C112

Jennifer Boehnert, Lawrence Buja, Constantin Cranganu, Ben Domenico, Dave Smith, Olga Wilhelmi

NCDC - National Climatic Data Center, Room C110

Suchi Gopal, Neal Lott, Carla McAuliffe, Matt Menne, Glen Reid

NODC - National Oceanographic Data Center, Room W2146

Bob Dedrick, Shannon Niou, Sherri Philips, John Pickle, Linda Pikula

Project WET - Water Education for Teachers, Room C113 (more info)

Korey Champ, Gary Cook Daniel Hayes, Johanna Ledley, Meghan Ryan, Gerry Saunders, Mike Taber

Team Role Descriptions

The person assigned as Group Facilitator on each team should monitor and guide discussions as necessary to keep them moving in a productive direction, addressing the goals of each session. We also ask this person to ensure that all members of the team have the opportunity to contribute their ideas, skills, and expertise.

Each team has a designated Curriculum Developer. This person will ensure that the team addresses all the questions necessary to produce a complete activity outline. The outline should include a reasonably compelling data-use scenario plus detailed descriptions of data access and analysis procedures necessary to perform the analysis.

Each team also has a member identified as the Notes Facilitator. This person should make certain that some team member captures relevant notes and points of discussion for each session. So that every member of the team has the opportunity to contribute, recording duties should be shared among all team members. Everyone should be willing to serve as the recorder for one session.

The preferred way to capture notes is directly into the Team's wiki pages: each team has a designated workspace at the Teams Workspace page, and laptops and wireless Internet access will be available in meeting rooms. Notes can also be captured in word processing documents, on flip charts, or on paper. All team notes will be digitized as necessary and made available to the EET curriculum developer after the workshop. The Notes Facilitator should ensure that all team notes are collected and submitted to an AccessData staff member.