AccessData Workshops

Overview of AccessData Workshops

AccessData Workshops bring together a wide range of professionals who have a stake in getting data used in educational settings: Earth science data providers, data access and analysis tool experts, scientists, curriculum developers, and educators all work together to explore and address issues regarding data use.

Plenary sessions inform attendees about a range of issues and proposed solutions regarding data access and analysis. Hands-on sessions give participants a chance to work with new data tools. The main feature of the meeting is focused work in small teams. Following the workshop, the module will be fully developed by the team's curriculum developer into an activity in the Earth Exploration Toolbook. The small working group atmosphere of the teams elicits the skills and expertise of each member, and affords them a view of issues surrounding data access, analysis, and educational use from new perspectives.

A report entitled "Facilitating the Use of Data in Education" will be developed using information from the workshops. The report will include descriptions of the characteristics of data sites and analysis tools that are successfully used in educational settings. It will also include tips for researchers, curriculum developers, and educators to help them build their data access and analysis skills.


  • Increase the availability of and accessibility to high-quality data-rich educational materials
  • Increase communication among professional roles to facilitate educator and student use of Earth science datasets.


  • Tamara Ledley, PI, TERC, Cambridge, MA
  • Ben Domenico, co-PI, Unidata, Boulder, CO
  • Mike Taber, co-PI, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO
  • LuAnn Dahlman, co-PI, NOAA, Mesa, AZ
  • Evaluation Team: Susan Lynds and Susan Buhr, CIRES, University of Colorado, Boulder

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