Data Access Working Group (DAWG)


Since 2001, a range of individuals in the digital library, data, and education communities have worked together as the Data Access Working Group, affectionately known as the DAWG. The group's specific focus has varied over time, but its main goal has always been to find ways to increase the use of Earth science data. Anupma Prakesh is the current chair.

The DAWG works in an advisory capacity, offering input and feedback to the AccessData Workshops project and to the data-using community at large. Most recently, the DAWG has discussed and offered recommendations on the following topics.

  1. Intellectual Commons/Development Area for Data-rich Educational Activities
  2. Review Criteria for Data Sites with Educationally Relevant Data
  3. Educationally Relevant Metadata for Data

DAWG Documents

In November 2004, as a response to the DLESE quality process, Bruce Caron (chair) and others produced the DAWG White Paper (Acrobat (PDF) 667kB Feb5 07)

The DAWG has prepared recommendations for
1. Educationally relevant review criteria for datasites
2. Educationally relevant metadata for datasets
These recommendations appear in the report resulting from the 2006 DAWG Meeting and have been published in Eos,
Recommendations for Making Geoscience Data Accessible and Usable in Education (Acrobat (PDF) 34kB Sep17 08)
DAWG members contributing to development of recommendations (Acrobat (PDF) 8kB Feb4 08)

DAWG Meetings

The DAWG has met approximately annually to discuss current topics and move issues forward. Click any meeting below for access to agendas, participant lists, and outcomes.

March 2006, Los Alamos, New Mexico

March 2005, Santa Barbara, California

May 2004, Durham, New Hampshire

November 2003, Boulder, Colorado

February 2001, Boulder Colorado

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