Using Data in the Classroom Workshop 2009

Colorado College
14 East Cache La Poudre
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

June 3 to June 6, 2009


The AccessData workshop will provide an opportunity for data representatives, software tool specialists, scientific researchers, curriculum developers, and educators to interact with one another in a variety of sessions, all working toward the common goal of facilitating the use of data in education.


The AccessData Workshop involves data representatives, tool specialists, scientists, educational materials developers, and college- and high school-level educators who work with data in the Earth and environmental sciences.

What will happen during the workshop?

In addition to keynote presentations, hands-on lab sessions (Tool Time) and a Demo Session/Share Fair, attendees will be grouped into teams that include the full range of roles represented at the meeting. Team members will work together to develop an educational module, drawing upon the expertise of individuals in each role on the team. This practical exercise enables team members to learn from each other about the needs, practices, and expectations of the other groups.

We are also scheduling a pre-workshop field trip on June 3rd. The current plan is to ride the Pike's Peak Cog Railway in the morning of June 3, have lunch in Manitou Springs, CO (on your own), then tour the Garden of the Gods before returning to Colorado College for our opening reception and Share Fair.

Who will pay?

Lodging, breakfast, lunch, and snacks at Colorado College will be provided for all accepted registrants. Funding is also available for travel stipends; this will be awarded as necessary to ensure that all professional roles will be represented at the meeting. To minimize paperwork, all participants will be asked to pay for their own travel up front. At the workshop, participants will sign the appropriate form to request their travel stipend, and checks will be mailed to them within 30 days.

Lodging will be at Colorado College in the Western Ridge Apartments. Each apartment consists of individual lockable rooms and a shared common space (living room/kitchen). The bathroom is shared, but each fixture (toilet, shower, sink) is separate and also lockable for privacy. If you do not wish to stay at Colorado College, you will be responsible for finding your own lodging. The Antler's Hilton is approximately 1 mile away from Colorado College. The Colorado College rate is approximately $169/night plus taxes. If you stay off campus, then you are also responsible for your own breakfast and lunch.

When should I arrange to arrive in and depart from Colorado Springs?

We anticipate that attendees will arrive in Colorado Springs on June 2nd (for those attending the field trip on June 3rd) or afternoon of June 3rd (for everyone else).

Ground transportation will be provided using College vans. You may choose to rent your own car or ride a taxi (at your expense). Ground transportation logistics will be provided approximately one month before the workshop begins.

The workshop officially begins at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, June 3 and ends at noon Saturday, June 6, 2008. All times are Mountain Daylight Time. The first event is a demonstration/poster session from 6:00 to 10:00 pm the evening of Wednesday, June 3. You may register during this event.

For participants wishing to attend the field trip on June 3, we will arrange transportation on June 2 from the airport to Colorado College. Check in time at Colorado College is 3 PM.

For departure on Saturday, June 6, we have College vans leaving at approximately 12:30 PM (box lunch will be provided). If you would rather take a cab (at your own expense), we will have a sign up sheet with departure times to arrange sharing rides to the airport.

How do I register?

Registration is by invitation only. Contact, if you are an invited member of an AccessData team, but do not have the registration information.

What if I still have questions about the workshop?

If you have questions about the workshop logistics, contact Mike Taber (
Contact Tamara Ledley via email: