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Chemical Kinetics lab
Bhavna Rawal, Lonestar community college, chemistry
"Iodine Clock" refers to a group of reactions which involve the mixing of two colorless solutions to produce a solution which remains colorless for a precise amount of time, then suddenly changes to a ...

Resource Type: Activities: Activities:Lab Activity
Subject: Chemistry

Optimal Wing Profile Design
Yong Suh, California State University-Sacramento
The mechanism of how an aircraft flies is a complex problem. One of the most well-known facts is that the profile of the wings creates a buoyancy force due to pressure differences caused by the air flows through ...

Resource Type: Activities: Activities:Project
Subject: Engineering

Numerical Simulation Basics: Accuracy and Model Validation for a Finite-difference Equation
Jim Boyle, Western Connecticut State University
This activity teaches students a few of the basic concepts for numerical simulation of physical systems by modeling the simple and well-known problem of free-fall. The recursion relation for the finite-difference ...

Resource Type: Activities: Activities:Lab Activity
Subject: Geoscience

Wordle GUI Application
Sarah Patterson, Virginia Military Institute
We will introduce a project in which students will use Matlab to create a Wordle game GUI application. In this project, students will need to complete a series of tasks in MATLAB, such as data management, GUI ...

Resource Type: Activities: Activities:Lab Activity, Project
Subject: Computer Science, Mathematics

Loops and Applications
Dong Zhou, California State University-Los Angeles
This is a lecture that introduces students to loops in MATLAB (for, while) and some applications (calculating a finite series, creating animation with loops). In the after class assignment, students are asked to ...

Resource Type: Activities: Activities:Problem Set, Classroom Activity
Subject: Mathematics

Interactive Calculus
Muhammad Akhtar, El Paso Community College
In this assignment, students will develop a calculus application in MATLAB that can perform the following tasks:1. Input Function: Prompt the user to enter a mathematical function in a single variable, x.2. ...

Resource Type: Activities: Activities:Project
Subject: Mathematics, Computer Science

Creating Modules for Health Sciences in a Precalculus Course
Ahlam Tannouri, Morgan State University
Goal: development of a set a modules intended to introduce Data Science in a precalculus course mainly for Health Science.

Resource Type: Activities: Activities:Project
Subject: Chemistry, Engineering, Health Sciences, Environmental Science, Computer Science, Biology

Data Visualization and Phase Identification through Stacked Plots
Sujat Sen, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
In this classroom activity, students will take experimentally collected powder X-Ray diffraction (XRD) data they have acquired from a laboratory exercise and plot it collectively as a stacked plot against known ...

Resource Type: Activities: Activities:Classroom Activity
Subject: Chemistry

MATLAB for Learning of Signals and Linear Systems
Ali Shiri Sichani, University of Missouri-Columbia
In my Signals and Linear Systems course, I incorporate MATLAB as a teaching tool, assigning students tasks that involve applying MATLAB in the context of signals and systems. This approach aims to enhance ...

Resource Type: Activities: Activities:Lab Activity
Subject: Engineering

Blain Patterson, Virginia Military Institute
This activity aims to engage students in a low-stakes activity to build confidence and review basic topics including indexing matrices and vectors, extracting data from a matrix, operating on data from a matrix, ...

Resource Type: Activities: Activities:Classroom Activity
Subject: Computer Science, Mathematics