From MATLAB' "Easy Programming" to student' Own Discoveries

Yevgeny Gayev, Aerospace Control Systems, National Aviation University (Kyiv, Ukraine)

One  of the most  important  challenges  for  modern  education  is  the  proper  use  of  power  of  modern computer technologies. S.Wolfram, for example,agitates for learning mathematics through cellular automata with  his  system Mathematica.  Your  humble  servant, however, sees "active learning", method of "student' own discoveries" to be the most effective in education of engineers and researches.It means the students, at least better ones, shall to reproduce past discoveries in science and technologies by their virtual modelling instead of boring learning theorems and facts by heart. With computers, it requires few minutes instead of decades but inspires students to further research. I've got an opportunity to demonstrate this while teaching discipline "Information and Coding Theory" [1-3] and synthetic discipline"Modelling Complex Systems" [4,5].Similar, many other engineering disciplines  may  also apply  programming for making particular models and "playing"with them, researching the roles of modelling parameters.

What the computer tool does suit best for such "easy programming"? I.e. for making such a computer simulations that focuses on the problem but minimizes secondary details of programming technology? Python becomes the most popular language in last years. Note that it re-employed many features of the MATLAB but the later still consumes significantly less time forgetting result. I guess so that MATLAB isthe best choice.I would suggest so that engineering MATLAB-programming to become the key discipline that determines any subsequent achievements of students in high school.

That is why, it is worth to start first teaching year curriculum with the discipline "Algorithmization and MATLAB' Easy Programming". Even Mathematics, traditionally the most difficult discipline, may employ the previous one to make itself an "experimental science".

Of course, the discipline suggested should be exciting itself. Our article [7] suggests a sequence of rather simple problems and algorithms that employ graphical power of the MATLAB to produce admirable results demonstrated in the Figure below. Our beginners were delighted with them. Such effective start of the course [6,8] encouraged beginners to  much  more  complex  problems  suggested  next  in  [6,8]  and,  finally,  to professional  disciplines  treated  under  the  view  point  of own  student  discoveries  [1-6]. Such  approach  was also successfully used in Diploma Thesis of students. Several their scientific papers like [9,10] and others were published as well.


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