Area Moment of Inertia Calculator

Louis Woodhams, Washington University in St. Louis, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
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Students must use Matlab to draw a region of interest on an image and calculate properties of the shape such as area, area moment of inertia, and principal axes.

Learning Goals

The goal was to have students try to solve a real-world type problem. It is also a way to firm up their understanding of engineering concepts such as area moment of inertia and principal axes.

Context for Use

This was given as a final project for a sophomore level numerical methods class. After some initial questions, most students seemed to do very well with the project. Many found interesting and creative ways to solve the problem.

Description and Teaching Materials

The most important file is the .pdf with the project description and starter code. I also provided a workflow video so that students could see what the code should do. Finally, I provided students with some test images that they could use to test their code.
Description of AMOI Caclulator Assignment (Acrobat (PDF) 227kB Sep11 20)

Workflow Video (MP4 Video 65.6MB Sep11 20)


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