Initial Publication Date: March 23, 2018

Teach the Earth Editor Job Description (volunteer)


Cutting Edge Content Editor positions are volunteer positions. Content editors maintain and enhance website content on a designated section of the TTE website (limited to those portions under the purview of NAGT, namely Cutting Edge). "Enhance" could mean strengthening a topical collection, examination of current practice and updating what is on the section of the site, updating content on the section of the site, or any other enhancement. Editors are responsible for ensuring content is current, relevant and reflects community best practices. Editors may be appointed to a 1-3 year term with annual review of progress toward the goals as agreed upon in the letter of appointment. An editor may be reappointed to subsequent 1-3 year terms with satisfactory evidence of progress. Editors report to and serve at the discretion of the Teach the Earth website committee.


For their designated area, each editor will:
  • develop new materials in a designated section of the website and may choose to engage with the community of educators experienced with topics in the scope of the editor's area of the website.
  • ensure that all materials in the designated section are up-to-date and relevant.
  • recruit and/or solicit contributors from the community and facilitate creation of new content to the assigned section of the website as detailed in the application work plan.
  • facilitate appropriate levels of review for new or edited content.
  • submit a report and updated work plan/ timeline annually to the Teach the Earth website committee.


  • An editor must be a member of NAGT.
  • An editor must have demonstrated expertise in the subject area of their section of the website.
  • An editor must have sufficient experience using the Serckit tools to maintain and update content independently.
  • An editor must have demonstrated experience in effectively organizing and presenting materials through a web site. In particular, a commitment to maintaining the standards outlined in the Cutting Edge Project Goals and the design of modules within Cutting Edge would be appropriate.
  • An editor must be committed to engaging with the geoscience education community for their input. Their application should address the ways in which they will ensure that website content reflects best practices as well as input from the larger community (e.g., though peer review, solicitation of content.
  • An editor must be willing to commit the time and energy required to lead the effort for maintaining content through the entirety of their appointment.

Application Process

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Appointment Process

The TTE Committee will review applications at their regularly scheduled meetings, appoint those candidates they deem appropriate, and inform the Professional Development committee of the appointment. The NAGT TTE website committee will confirm the editors through a Letter of Appointment, outlining the terms of appointment and expectations. Editors will be acknowledged on the "About" page of the site for which they have responsibility. Editors' names will also be listed on the publication page of NAGT.

Review Process

Editors will submit a report to the website committee annually highlighting progress toward the goals outlined in the application. Annual reports serve as a check-in for both the editor and the website committee and provide an opportunity for both to engage about what is working, how the goals may have changed, and what would benefit all parties in the future.