What is Teaching with SSAC?

Initial Publication Date: February 16, 2007

Teaching with Spreadsheets Across the Curriculum means teaching with SSAC modules. SSAC modules are stand-alone, computer-based activities. Each activity (called a "module" in the SSAC project) consists of a PowerPoint presentation with embedded Excel spreadsheets. Each module focuses on one or more problems for students to solve. Students work through the presentations, think about the in-context problem, figure out How to Solve It (mathematically), and build the spreadsheets to calculate and examine answers.

SSAC modules can be used in a variety of ways: as homework assignments; laboratory-type group experiences; and interactive, computer-enhanced lectures.

Each SSAC module consists of 12-18 slides. The core of a module consists of slides that lead the students to build their spreadsheets that examine and solve one or more problems in the context of the course. This core is surrounded by a title slide that notes the quantitative concepts and skills; one or more slides stating the in-context problem or problems; one or more slides of background about the context; and an end-of-module-assignment slide for post-module assessment.

Text boxes in the slides are color-coded to distinguish between information, assignments, and prompts. Cells in embedded spreadsheets are color-coded to distinguish between cells in which students enter numbers, and cells in which students enter equations. Each cell with a cell equation in it is another How to Solve It ( This site may be offline. ) experience.