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Reconnaissance stratigraphy and mapping of the Frying Pan Gulch, MT part of Cutting Edge:Enhance Your Teaching:Teaching with Online Field Experiences:Activities
Students are required to create a reconnaissance geologic map and report for a small area (approximately 0.5 sq. mile) Frying Pan Gulch just NW of Dillon, Montana. This project is designed to make students familiar ...

Google Earth Investigation of Pleistocene Flood Deposits Across the Pacific Northwest part of Teach the Earth:Teaching Activities
In this activity, students use Google Earth Pro to examine and measure sedimentary and geomorphic structures related to the late Pleistocene draining of glacial Lake Missoula and Lake Bonneville.

Virtual Marine Sediment Core Collection part of GEODE:GEODE Teaching Resources
A primary objective of marine science classes is to learn the location and formation of ocean sediment types. Nearly 50 years of scientific ocean drilling has produced a tremendous scientific collection of cores ...

Tracking hot spots and hot moments in an urban freshwater estuary part of Project EDDIE:Teaching Materials:Modules
This module explores the hydrology and biogeochemistry of the St. Louis River Estuary (Duluth, Minnesota). The overarching question of the module is: when, and where, is the estuary acting as a source vs. a sink ...

Arctic Climate Curriculum, Activity 1: Exploring the Arctic part of Climate Change:Activities
This activity introduces students to the Arctic, including different definitions of the Arctic and exploration of the Arctic environment and Arctic people. Students set out on a virtual exploration of the geography ...

Using Google Earth to measure seacliff erosion rates part of Oceanography:Activities
This lab uses Google Earth to measure the rate of seacliff retreat. It touches upon coastal processes, natural hazards, and coastal management issues. The central focus of the lab is in the Monterey Bay area.

Google Earth Exercises for Structural Geology part of Visualization:Examples
Students use imagery taken from Google Earth to create photo-geologic maps of areas with various structural styles. Concepts include basic geologic mapping principles, remote data set interpretation, ...

Old Sticks in the Mud: Hazards of Lahars from Mount Rainier Volcano part of Curriculum for the Bioregion:Activities
Volcanic debris flows (lahars) flow long distances, bury and aggrade river valleys, and cause long-term stream disturbances and dramatic landscape changes. Students will evaluate the nature, scale, and history of ...

Investigating Plate Tectonics with Google Earth part of Structural Geology and Tectonics:Structure, Geophysics, and Tectonics 2012:Activities
Students examine data sets of topography, bathymetry, volcano location, earthquake location and size, and ocean floor age in Google Earth to determine the location and attributes of different types of plate ...

Google Earth and Meandering Rivers part of Early Career:Previous Workshops:Workshop 2011:Teaching Activities
This activity uses Google Earth to introduce students to a variety of measurements related to meandering rivers by looking at how rivers around the world have changed over time.